Lianyungang long tower grinding materials co., LTD ,Is a company specializing in the production of abrasive、Abrasive and refractory materials,The main products are:Silicon carbide abrasive、Abrasive and refractory materials;Corundum abrasives、Abrasive and refractory materials;Super-hard abrasive (diamond and cubic boron nitride and abrasive;Quartz sand and other abrasive、Abrasive and refractory materials。 For the company's mainstream products:Black、Green silicon carbide abrasive and refractory materials;Brown fused alumina abrasive and refractory materials。The company was founded in1996Years,Headquarters is located in lianyungang city, jiangsu province,Traffic quickly,Convenient for export。Production factory is located in zibo in shandong and jiangsu lianyungang,Has now completed granularity of sand production line,Powder production line,Fire-proof material production line,High-performance materials(Silicon carbide、And then sintered silicon carbide and silicon carbide micro\/nano level)The production line,All kinds of grinding tool(Consolidation、Coated with abrasive and superhard abrasive)The production line,The company has been in2003Years of gainsISO9001Certification,Can already according toFEPA... MORE>>
    Lianyungang city, jiangsu province road sinpo development zone22The zip code222000
    The phone:(86)518-85287590 Fax: (86)518-85287591