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ShenHao technology co., LTD. Was established in hangzhou2002Years9Month, The specialty is engaged in the smart grid related technology products research and development、Production and sales,In the intelligent inspection robot、Such as power equipment on-line monitoring for a lot of technology research and application promotion。The company has a core of professional technical team,Expertise covers the power electronics、The computer、Measurement and control、Information technology、Machinery manufacturing, and other disciplines。

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On his return To move on——ShenHao technology·2019World conference on robot successfully concluded
8Month25Day,2019World conference on robot ended its international conference and exhibition center in Beijing。ShenHao reshipment exhibition robot assembly technology,Show ShenHao robot technology strength and innovation,With coworkers to share scientific and technological achievements,In the robot industry exchanges and cooperation。The exhibition site Six days,Booth attracted numerous ShenHao technology...
Vice governor of zhejiang province Gao Xingfu comrades present ShenHao technology research guidance!
2019Years8Month23Day,Vice governor of the people's government of zhejiang province、Party member comrade Gao Xingfu with the leadership,Visit ShenHao technology,Visit the company showrooms,And listen to the ShenHao report made at the top level of science and technology。ShenHao board chairman Mr Chen Rushen rate of science and technology executives and employees,Warmly welcome the arrival of the vice governor。Under the guidance of chairman Chen,Vice governor of high and leadership...
《The first lesson》——And in the future Our dream will come true!
ShenHao li teacher classroom course of science and technology!Let us together into the classroom To study the little knowledge innovation!
2019World conference on robots | ShenHao technologyCA career!
8Month20Day2019World conference on robot in Beijing and also the grand opening of the international convention and exhibition center!